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Diocletian and Constantine Essay Example

Diocletian and Constantine Paper Around the year AD300, the Roman Empire was gigantic; it extended from Northumberland to the Red Sea. Be that as it may, the populace was not uniformly spread. There was an indication of lessening. There are numerous explanations behind this: cataclysmic events (e. g. plague, starvation). Common wars broke out, brutes were assaulting, there was a consistent requirement for cash for magnificent utilizations and the sovereigns were as often as possible evolving. During these years, the two generally significant and effective rulers that endeavored to take care of these issues were Diocletian and Constantine. What was bizarre about Diocletian was that he remained safely in power for a long time. Diocletian s first move was to commend the individual of the ruler (himself), trusting that the seat would be more secure. He needed himself to be adored and commended like a divine being. He selected brutes into the military; this tackled a portion of the issues brought about by them. Diocletian was an astute man, at whatever point he believed that there may be threat, from the savages as well as from the malcontented fighters, he would move to somewhere else where he figured it may be sheltered. Diocletian likewise concluded that the realm was too large to be administered by one man. In this way, he isolated it into two. He designated an individual warrior to oversee the western half while he assumed responsibility for the eastern. He at that point partitioned the parts for two collaborators. During his seat, he likewise balanced out and fixed wages and kept costs consistent. He brought in useless cash and gave another gold coin called an aureus. Despite the fact that he was effective during his rule, however when he resigned, the domain self-destructed again in light of the fact that a common war broke out. We will compose a custom paper test on Diocletian and Constantine explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now We will compose a custom paper test on Diocletian and Constantine explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer We will compose a custom paper test on Diocletian and Constantine explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer The common war seethed for a long time, until one of the petitioners, having wrecked his adversaries and rejoined the separated realm and administered alone. He was Constantine. In AD 306, Constantine turned into the ruler of the Roman Empire. He had known whether the issues brought about by the Christians, and he realized that tormenting and slaughtering them won t take care of the issue and would tare the ruler separated. Along these lines, probably the best thing he did to stop the common wars was to change Christianity from being a prohibited religion into a respected and ensured confidence. He had likewise fabricated dividers and war exhibition watches to improve the resistance. In AD 330, he found the new capital of the Roman head, Constantinople. It took around 5 years to manufacture. What was extremely bizarre about Constantine is that he possibly got sanctified through water when he was lying in bed biting the dust in AD 337, he accepted that it would wash off the transgressions and the awful things he had done. In spite of the fact that Constantine was more fruitful than Diocletian, yet the harmony just went on for a long time after he kicked the bucket. Be that as it may, they were both extremely effective in the course of their life.

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The Impact of Recruitment

Question: Compose an exposition onidentifying the effect of enrollment and choice on the representative execution. Answer: The exploration work is centered around recognizing the effect of enlistment and determination on the worker execution. The flow part will have the option to present the exploration subject with a more prominent effectiveness and reason. The best possible points, targets just as questions will be generally useful for developing the pathway for the exploration work. Research Aim: The exploration work will examine the variables of the enrollment strategy just as representative execution with the definition of legitimate points and goals. The examination will be centered around discovering the connection between enrollment arrangement and worker execution. Research Objectives: The exploration goals will be exceptionally compelling for developing the structure which will in the end clear the pathway of the whole research work. The examination targets are referenced underneath: To research the elements of enlistment and choice To distinguish the parts of worker execution To discover the connection between determination procedure and representative execution To recommend ways for improving choice procedure to upgrade representative execution Research Questions: The examination addresses will be exceptionally essential for controlling the whole research work with an exacting rule just as core interest. The examination questions are referenced beneath: What are the components of enlistment and choice What are the parts of worker execution What are the connection between choice procedure and representative execution What are the approaches to improve the determination procedure in order to upgrade worker execution Foundation and Literature Review: Presentation: In this area of the portfolio, the concerned literary works related with the issue of deciding the job of enlistment and choice technique in improving representative execution has been inspected. Various writings have been assessed in such manner and the concerned ideas and issues have been tended to. Henceforth, this section will give a concise portrayal of the past examinations directed in such manner. By and by, enrollment and choice system are viewed as one of the most significant key activities in the human asset the executives practice. Employees are the foundation of an association as they decide the efficiency and operability of the association. In this manner, it is very significant for an association to follow the best possible enrollment and determination procedure to obtain the most ideal work power for the organization. This will thusly assist the organization with sustaining in the serious market effectively. Henceforth, it is fundamental for an association to decide th e most ideal strategy that ought to be followed for securing the most proficient and successful workforce. Idea of Recruitment: As per Sung and Choi (2014), enlistment is characterized as the procedure for scanning suitable possibility for business and along these lines persuading those contender to go after positions in the concerned association. Along these lines, enlistment can be described as the way toward connecting work searchers with the businesses. Once more, enlistment can likewise be characterized as the way toward pulling in qualified possibility for business. The enrollment procedure starts when application for new enlistments is looked for and the procedure closes when all the applications are submitted. Consequently, the enrollment procedure gives brings about producing a pool of candidates and from that pool the most proficient and flawless workers are chosen. So as to direct the enlistment procedure adequately the association ought to follow an arranged methodology and top off the empty posts. In the principal phase of the enlistment procedure, the association ought to decide the opening, whi ch are should have been filled. For deciding the opportunity suitably, the associations are expected to lead a nearby activity study inside the association and along these lines decide the enlistment positions, work jobs and duties and the aptitudes and characteristics required by an individual to fit into the activity. In the second phase of enrollment cycle qualified applicants are pulled in. For this reason, the human asset faculty are required to publicize in the neighborhood media, papers and TVs referencing the prerequisites of the activity, obligations and other qualification measures that are should have been satisfied by the applicants so as to apply for the post. The reasonable up-and-comers will in this way go after the job determined and accordingly a pool of candidates will be created. Along these lines, the sole reason for the enlistment procedure is to create a pool of flawless candidates and that too in a financially savvy way. Here after age of the pool of candidate s the enlistment procedure closes. Idea of Selection During the time spent enlistment and choice, the last phase of the procedure is determination itself. This procedure includes a path by which the selection representatives will lessen the quantity of appropriate candidates by the technique for short-posting the applications and along these lines settles on the enlistment choices. In this, procedure the human asset work force of the concerned association surveys the applications from the pool of candidates and short records the most appropriate candidates. These short recorded up-and-comers are then required a meeting and dependent on the exhibition on that meet the most fitting up-and-comers are enlisted. Be that as it may, the meeting procedure may include various stages. As per Patel et al. (2013), organizations that are notable for having the most effective workforce are seen to follow an arranged meeting process. This meeting procedures may establish of four to five phases. From the outset the short recorded up-and-comers are cal led and a telephonic round of meeting is directed. In light of the presentation in the telephonic cycle a couple of chosen up-and-comers are then brought in for an up close and personal meeting and the line chiefs direct this meeting in more often than not. Again whenever chose on that meet another round of meeting is directed which is for the most part be the focused on meet. At long last by performing great in the last round the most appropriate competitors are chosen. A few times at the main stage a fitness test is led so as to test the knowledge of the applicants. Job of enrollment and choice in an association: The sort workforce controlled by an association decides the altruism of the association. As per Renwick et al. (2013), the more successful a lacking workforce an association will have the more gainful and productive the association will be. Subsequently, for the prosperity of the association it is important to receive legitimate enlistment and determination method. Again as brought up by Belle (2013), it is very difficult to consistently locate the ideal individual strolling by during the enlistment procedure. Subsequently, the enrollment procedure ought to be intended to the point that it gets productive to draw in the most effective potential representatives. In addition, maintenance of workers additionally relies upon the strategies of enrollment and choice procedure applied. On the off chance that an individual is chosen as a representative, got preparing from the piece of the association, and out of nowhere leave the organization, it will include a colossal expense for the organ ization. In this way, it is likewise fundamental to hold the chose representatives in an association. For this reason, the association may execute reward offices just as the advanced representative advantage plans (Den Hartog et al. 2013). Consequently, in an oversimplified proclamation it tends to be said that representatives are a resource for the organization, and to the workers the enlistment and determination method builds up the underlying thought regarding the association. Subsequently these three are interrelated and ought to be facilitated in a powerful and proficient way. Effect of enlistment and choice on the exhibition of representatives Various components decide the exhibition of a representative, for example, the administrative guidelines, inspiration, and unwavering quality of the association, work fulfillment and duty of the representatives. These variables are subject to the enrollment t and determination strategy embraced by the association. The administrative standard is a significant determinant of the representative execution. At the first run through during the enlistment procedure the conduct and the board of the directors of the association makes the initial introduction about the association on the workers (Parmenter 2015). On the off chance that the candidates discover wastefulness in the administrative limit, it is very apparent that they won't release their obligation up to the full degree. Once more, the expected set of responsibilities, job an obligations referenced in the ad ought to likewise be fitting in any case the candidates may get baffled and become insolent to the association. Another indis pensable duty of directors is to check the subtleties of the representatives properly, their instructive records this will assist them with selecting the suitable competitors all the more effectively (Kehoe and Wright 2013). The up-and-comers who are invested in an association by means of legitimate and successful enrollment and choice procedure will be conscious to the association and simultaneously, they will place their best in progress. Consequently, for an association to get fruitful, it is very important to receive the correct enlistment and choice arrangement to draw in, enlist and hold proficient representatives. Research Gap: While leading the investigation a broad survey of writing applicable to this subject had been led. In view of the information picked up by the writing survey, the endeavors to reveal insight into the applicable ideas and issues related with the point. In any case, while leading the writing survey it has been discovered that a great deal of looks into have been done in this specific situation however there is an absence of research that exclusively concent

How to Write a Portfolio Essay

How to Write a Portfolio EssayA portfolio essay is just a part of the formal education you receive at college. It's an opportunity for you to share your achievements of others in your field. This essay is designed to highlight those accomplishments as well as encourage others to join you in the future.The process is one that requires time, dedication, and planning, but the result is often a grand achievement, one that can be taught in a capstone presentation. Portfolio essays should cover all aspects of writing an essay, including information gathering, writing, and typing. This article will review the steps of the portfolio process.The first step is to decide which topics to include in your portfolio. You may wish to discuss your personal interests and accomplishments. You can use this information to make a persuasive case that your skills and knowledge are worth paying attention to. You should also consider how to include future goals.Write out what it is you hope to achieve from t he project, including its learning and growth. Write a more detailed description of the goals and identify your writing style, including keywords. Set a deadline for when you will complete the project.Writing the paper can be a very useful exercise. If you can find a mentor, this can help you work through the content and learn the proper way to write and structure a portfolio essay. This may help in the future when the opportunity comes up for you to discuss the project with students or professionals.Work with your mentor to provide an outline of your portfolio project. This helps you keep organized. This outline will serve as the basis for your writing. Consider including a list of the skills and credentials that you include.The second step involves filling in your accomplishments. Include at least three to five of the most important achievements. You should include your name and any affiliations to make it easier for others to follow.The third step involves sharing these accomplis hments with other people. Once you have published your work, you should publish your contact information, as well as the names of those you are writing to. You should also use appropriate grammar and formatting for the assignment.

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Ramses II’s Victory Free Essays

The triumph of Ramses II over the Khita’s was likely perhaps the best story of Egyptian abstract takes a shot at war that had endure a huge number of years to pass on to us, the current age, the hidden certainties on how the hundreds of years past ages of Egyptians had respected their Pharaohs: as a pioneer, a warrior, a general, and a man-god. WAR The sonnet begins with the lord of Khita, together with his colossal armed forces and chariots, laid in hang tight for a snare on the Egyptian Pharaoh. He had his militaries separate into two gatherings, the primary started an unexpected assault on the Legion of Hormakhu, south of Kadesh, and effectively demolished the Egyptian armed forces in that town who were not anticipating such an assault (Halshall, 1998). We will compose a custom exposition test on Ramses II’s Victory or then again any comparable point just for you Request Now After being educated regarding the disaster that occured for his soldiers, Ramses II immediately prepared himself for war, wearing his weapons and coverings, and dashing on his grand ponies. In any case, soon he ended up in the center of the Hittite armed force; totally encompassed and alone, in an incomprehensible fight between 2,500 chariots against one (Halshall, 1998). Due maybe to his approaching thrashing and express weakness, the Pharaoh-god called upon his perished father for help. Specifying the numerous superb landmarks, sanctuaries, sanctums, and conciliatory contributions he had made for the brilliance of the expired previous god/Pharaoh Ammon, his dad (Poem of Pentaur, 2003). What's more, view! Ammon had heard his cry from the sanctuary of Hermonthis and had sought his darling child for help. With quality as the sun-god Ra, and arms as solid as a huge number of men, Ammon discovered effortlessness in Ramses II’s valor and valiance, and took into account Ramses II to utilize Ammon’s god-quality in vanquishing the Hittites. What's more, when Ramses II, alone aside from his charioteer, Menna, at last attacked the 2,500 in number foe, the whole Khi ta armed force, together with their ruler, were dazed, solidified with dread, unfit to use their blade and lance, for Ramses II battled with the soul of a divine being. What's more, when the day had happened, Egypt’s Pharaoh had the option to kill every single armed force of the Khita. Nobody had the option to get away from alive, each and everybody was fell by the Pharaoh. Propagandistic Element The Battle of Kadesh, as composed by the old Egyptian specialists during Ramses’ rule, was a writing made for propagandistic reason. Maybe the ruler’s point, other than for the citizens’ affirmation of their conviction of the Pharaoh as a divine being man, was additionally to utilize this as a mental apparatus on different countries against arranging an attack against Egypt. These kinds of endeavors of Egypt’s Pharaohs being engraved on the dividers of sanctuaries further intensify the impact of invulnerability and eternality of the leaders of Egypt, by making it as a landmark for all countries to see. Such is the situation in one of the dividers (Fig. 1. 1) where Egyptian chariotry is occupied with a fight between Hittite infantrymen, when in reality dependent on realities, it had been Hittites’ custom to do fight utilizing chariots (Battle of Kadesh, 2003). Hence, utilizing legislative issues in declaring control and dutifulness over the people, just as in fighting, leaders of old realms regularly depended on misrepresented writing on war-triumphs as a methods in accomplishing these. In the cutting edge history, we have seen comparative propagandistic techniques utilized by governments, for the most part with regards to its motivation in pronouncing war: Hitler’s Arian race philosophy, Marx’s and Lenin’s Russian Proletariat Revolution, the Atomic besieging of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Vietnam War, Desert Storm, etc. Quite often, the aphorism that goes, the victors compose history, is proper. The most effective method to refer to Ramses II’s Victory, Papers

Fast Food, Fat Food Essay Example for Free

Cheap Food, Fat Food Essay These days, cheap food is a famous pattern in Thailand. Young people think it is exceptionally brilliant when they go into the drive-through eatery, particularly, the café which is a piece of remote establishment cafés. Teenagers that like cheap food as well as kids and grown-ups. In the bustling timetable of current occasions individuals have no opportunity to plan nutritious nourishment during the day so cheap food turns into an advantageous decision. Notwithstanding, there are a few medical problems identified with expending cheap food; one genuine concern is the association between inexpensive food and corpulence. In view of the development of drive-through eateries, you can see them found anyplace in day by day life. For instance, on the main floor of MBK Center, there are various drive-through joints, for example, KFC, McDonald’s and Burger King arranged not a long way from one another. In any case, at noon, you can't discover any seats on the off chance that you show up after the expected time. Essentially, at Chulalongkorn University there are in excess of 5 parts of 7-eleven, which is where you can purchase inexpensive food, for example, sandwiches, franks, and burgers. You would feel that there are very few individuals there. Despite the fact that there are numerous branches, understudies likewise need to hold up in a long line. This can show how well known cheap food is. Inexpensive food is exceptionally well known in Thailand as well as everywhere throughout the world. The data from Wikipedia indicated that â€Å"Burger King has in excess of 11,100 eateries in excess of 65 nations, Pizza Hut is situated in 97 nations with 100 branches in China, KFC is situated in 25 nations and McDonald’s is situated in 120 nations on 6 landmasses and works more than 31,000 cafés around the world. † Albeit inexpensive food is famous, it isn't useful for wellbeing since cheap food is frequently high in starches, fat and sodium. Normal menu things at drive-through joints are singed chicken, French fries, franks and dessert. Every one of them are made of risky fixings, for example, low quality bread, high fat meat and salt. The inexpensive food bread is produced using refined grains that have been adjusted from their normal creation, so a small amount of the supplements in grains are expelled, staying just exorbitant bland. Next fixing is the high fat meat which can cause a few medical issues. Fat from creature sources is immersed fat that expanded the terrible cholesterol (LDL) levels which brings about unfavorable pessimistic consequences for the soundness of person’s heart (â€Å"The Importance of Dietary Fat and Cholesterol†). The last risky fixing is what makes cheap food has a scrumptious taste; it is salt or sodium chloride. Researchers from the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition suggest just 4 grams of salt for every day since overconsumption of salt will cause hypertension and heftiness (qtd. in â€Å"Salt†). Indeed, as indicated by the CASH review, a Pizza Hut supper bargain, which comprised of a Cheesy Bites Meat Feast, a medium Super Supreme, a part of garlic bread, a segment of potato wedges, chicken wings, and a cheesecake dessert shared similarly between four, could contain 12. 3 grams of salt for every individual (qtd. n â€Å"Fast nourishment salt levels shocking†). â€Å"People are progressively being cautioned against the evil impacts of inexpensive food and the potential harm they posture to human health† (Manohar). Numerous distributions expound on medical issues from cheap food, for example, nourishment lacks, expanded cholesterol levels and diabetes. Be that as it may, the most concern is corpulence since this can connection to numerous different risky medical issues. One explanation that cheap food can cause heftiness is a direct result of its high calories. In one day, men need around 2,700 calories and ladies need around 2,000 calories however you can get abundance calories from just a single feast with cheap food. For instance, a KFC dinner set incorporates KFC well known Bowls (Rice and Gravy), a bosom of seared chicken, a crate of French fries and a 32-oz Gulp of Pepsi. You can increase 790 calories from the bowl, 370 calories from the chicken, 500 calories from French fries and 425 calories from Pepsi, so from these you will have around 2,085 calories (â€Å"KFC Nutrition Guide†). As a result from the notice in numerous productions, the peril of inexpensive food is generally known. In any case, regardless of individuals know how it is connected to numerous medical issues, it is additionally the well known decision. We can't keep away from inexpensive food totally in our everyday life thinking about its taste, comfort and moment conveyance. Cheap food is fit to our regular way of life, at the same time, as we probably am aware, a smidgen of everything is in every case great while overexposure to that â€Å"little bit† is sad as a general rule. Inexpensive food isn't a special case to this.

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Lives Of Slaves Frederick Douglasss Book - Free Essay Example

The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass focuses on the lives of slaves during the 19th century. More specifically, we followed Frederick Douglassrs journey through slavery and the struggles that he endured. As he grew up, Douglass witnessed many acts of hatred and cruelty towards other slaves as well as experiencing them himself. Despite the difficult times that Douglass went through, he remained optimistic about obtaining freedom. When Douglass was finally released from slavery, he began to reflect upon his life and think deeply about what he went through. Douglass realized he had been dehumanized and understood that slave owners did the same to others. Because of the process of dehumanization, slave owners were able to commit cruelty upon their slaves without feeling remorse. Not all slave owners in Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass were cruel to their slaves at first, but over time dehumanization allowed them to commit acts of cruelty without feeling incriminated. When Frederick Douglass lived on the Hugh plantation, his mistress attempted to teach him how to read. When the master found out, he shamed the mistress and told her not to teach Douglass again. Over time, she starting treating Douglass like the master did because of dehumanization. She treated him like a human being before being told not to teach, but after that her entire perspective changed. In entering upon the duties of a slaveholder, she didnt seem to perceive that I sustained to her the relation of a mere chattel, and that for her to treat me as a human being was not only wrong, but dangerously so (22). Once the mistress conformed to societys expectations of being a slaveholder, she treated Douglass poorly. Dehumanization allowed her to make this transition without feel ing guilty for viewing Douglass as lesser than a human being. Dehumanization was clearly exemplified when Frederick was sent to work on Edward Coveyrs farm. Covey had a reputation of breaking slaves. This meant he had an effective process of disciplining and training slaves who had normally misbehaved. As Frederick looked back on his life, he said, If at any one time of my life more than another, I was made to drink the bitterest dregs of slavery, that time was during the first six months of my stay with Mr. Covey (37). Edward Covey would whip his slaves constantly for the smallest accidental mishaps. He had a way of making his slaves feel as though they were being watched by him at all times. He would creep through the fields and sneak behind bushes in order to inevitably find an excuse to whip his slaves. He was so deceitful that his slaves called him the snake because they were terrified of him. Edward Covey was able to commit such cruel acts on his slaves because he would dehumanize them. He would think of them as less than human. W e know this because Covey was a religious man who would pray frequently and practice the words of the Bible. This would have stopped him from being so cruel to his slaves if he thought of them as equal humans. It is because he thought of them as less that he was justified in treating them cruelly. The process of dehumanization allowed slave owners to treat their slaves with no sense of remorse or mercy. Frederick Douglass shares stories of some of the horrors that he witnessed. The mistreatment of slaves was a theme throughout the book, and the stories that Frederick shares provide numerous examples of it. He provides the example of two girls who lived across the street from him. They were treated very poorly by the person who owned them. Their names were Henrietta and Mary. Henrietta was about twenty-two years of age, Mary was about fourteen; and of all the mangled and emaciated creatures I ever looked upon, these two were the most so. His (Mr Thomas Hamilton) heart must be harder than stone, that could look upon these unmoved. The head, neck and shoulders of Mary was nearly cut to pieces.(21) Frederick directly states that Mr Thomas Hamilton must have a heart as hard as stone, for he was able to whip his slaves nearly to death with no remorse for it. Mary is only fourteen years old and she was whipped so often that her body was torn. If Mr Thomas Hamilton had seen these girls as humans, he wouldnt have beaten them so horridly. He wouldnt call then names such as black gip or pecked. The sheer violence of their masterrs actions directly shows that he didnt view them as human beings who could be emotionally and physically affected by his abuse. Douglass provides another example of dehumanization when he talks about the cruelty of Master Andrew. Master Andrew was notorious for being a cruel drunkard. He makes an example towards Douglass by murdering his younger brother in front of him in cold blood. the thought of passing out of their hands into those of Master Andrew- a man who, but a few days before, to give me a sample of his bloody disposition, took my little brother by the throat, threw him on the ground, and with the heel of his boot stamped upon his head till the blood gushed from his nose and ears- was well calculated to make me anxious as to my fate.(28) The murder of Frederickrs brother was and act to assert Master Andrewrs dominance, to make sure that the new slaves were to listen to him and fear him. If he had seen Frederickrs little brother as human he wouldnt have been able to stomp him to death just to make an example of him. He wouldnt have been able to murder a boy out of cold blood because he would know that the boy could feel and hurt just like other people do. This continuing of dehumanization kept the act of slavery cruel and allowed slaveholders to commit such terrible acts.

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The Effects Of Crime On The Victim Essay - 1728 Words

In the past several years exonerations have increased astronomically. Aspects of this can be due to the advances with DNA evidence among other things. Although the effects on the exonerated are more than substantial the victim is usually under represented. In 2013 the ICF International analyzed several cases to show impacts of crime on the victim and what goes on during an exoneration. Influences experienced during a crime can range from physical to psychological for a victim. Physical affects can range from gunshot wounds, broken bones, and lacerations that leave scares for the rest of his or her life. Additionally psychological burdens can result in cardiac complications, strokes, and emotional strains. Of the days and even years to follow anxiety of reoccurrence, sleep disturbances, lifestyle, and eating patterns can affect the victim. Also financial strain can result in complications because of personal effects hindering them from performing at work. Occurrences of this can be pa rticipating in long drawn out court cases, complications of injuries and removing themselves from society. Following the crime a victim becomes part of the criminal justice system, and reliving the day can last months to sometimes years. Also if the case comes up for appeal and exoneration it can last longer. During each stage of the trial process the victim is manipulated and forced to relive that one day that could have been their last, especially for a rape which can make a female feelShow MoreRelatedCrime Data And Its Effects On Victims And The Public Essay1597 Words   |  7 Pagesinsight and view of crime reporting within South Australia and the perceptions of crime within the state. Commissioner Burns provides the reader with his personal view of his frustrations and concerns which are: †¢ the public’s perception in regards to crime statistics within South Australia through media and social media; †¢ his frustrations at the lack of reporting of crime and reluctance of victims/witnesses, to come forward and assist police with their enquiries to solve crime. This critique ofRead MoreThe Effects Of Hate Crimes On The Victim And Their Community1305 Words   |  6 Pages The Effects of Hate Crimes on the Victim and their Community Maritza A. Salvador Psychology 25 Professor Fitzpatrick 02 December, 2016 Abstract This paper will explore the long-term effects a hate crime has on the victim and his or her community. The victims and communities are directly and indirectly affected by the crime. Victims suffered long term effects such as negative mental and physical health, anxiety, depression, and symptoms of PTSD. The affected communitiesRead MoreCrime Data And Its Effects On Victims And The Public Essay1627 Words   |  7 Pagessomewhat brief insight and view of crime reporting within South Australia and the perceptions of crime within the state. He provides the reader with his personal view and concerns which are: †¢ The public’s perception in regards to crime statistics within South Australia through media and social media; and †¢ His frustrations at the lack of reporting of crime and the reluctance of victims/witnesses, to come forward and assist police with their enquiries to solve crime. This critique of Commissioner Burns’Read MoreThe Long Effects Of A Hate Crime Essay1289 Words   |  6 PagesAbstract This paper will explore the long-term effects a hate crime has on the victim and his or her community. The victims and communities are directly and indirectly affected by the crime. Victims suffered long term effects such as negative mental and physical health, anxiety, depression, and symptoms of PTSD. The affected communities were victimized solely for sharing the same characteristics and beliefs of the victim. The long lasting effects of the hate crime influence every aspect of the victim’s lifeRead MorePsychological Effects of Victimization945 Words   |  4 PagesPsychological Effects of Victimization A person who experiences a traumatic event may be expected to experience a range of psychological effects, and, for many years, it was assumed that these psychological effects would be the same regardless of the cause of the injury. However, a growing body of knowledge is demonstrating that the impact of criminal victimization is different than the impact of other types of injuries because the intent element makes a difference in how the victim perceives theRead MoreEssay The Contrast and Comparison of Crime in Our Society1032 Words   |  5 Pages . Crime has diverse effects on society in various ways, shapes or form. These criminal effects are impacted either on an individual basis or a continual basis in our everyday lives. These effects or outcomes, if you will, are prevalent on our streets we live on, the neighborhoods we are in, and even the states that we live in. The end result of crimes in our society has many different physical, financial, and emotional impacts. Among those influenced are the public, the victim, and the Police/LawRead MoreThe Criminal Justice System Has An Important Function942 Words   |  4 Pagestheir perceptions and actions toward victims can often shape how the victims feel about themselves and about the level of help they will receive. The first level interaction the victim will often have with the criminal justice system is with the police. Often how a police officer views certain crimes ultimately influences how they are going to treat the victim. In the case of sexual assault, a very trau matic crime, the police officer can be found blaming the victim. Researchers Sleath and Bull attributedRead MoreSimilarities Between Criminology And Victimology853 Words   |  4 Pagesstudies on the crime and the victim. Criminology and Victimology also share similarities in the effectiveness it gives to the criminal justice system. Criminology and Victimology also share similarities in the research, they look not just in to the crime itself, but into the psychological, social, and environmental factors of the crime, and to the affects that crime has on the victim. There also many differences with Criminology and Victimology. Criminology is more on the study of the crime itself, theRead MoreThe United Nations Declaration Of Basic Principles Of Justice For Victims Of Crime And Abuse1521 Words   |  7 PagesPrinciples of Justice for Victims of Crime and Abuse of Power (REF 1) defines victim as â€Å"persons who individually or collectively, have suffered harm, including physical or mental injury, emotional suffering, economic loss or substantial impairment of their fundamental rights, through acts or omissions that are in violation of criminal laws operative within Member States, including those laws proscribing criminal abuse of power†. Victimisation is the process and state of being a victim, and the study ofRead MoreEssay about Hate Crime Victimization1642 Words   |  7 Pages The word victim can be used to refer to a number of people who are affected by negative actions of others which are not related to any personal responsibility of their own. â€Å"An examination of U.S. history will re veal that a significant proportion of murders, assaults, and acts of vandalism and desecration were fueled by bigotry† (Karmen, 2013, p. 350). Hate crime victimization is a very prevalent and serious issue that exists amongst our society today that is often used to demonstrate a form of